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Monday, March 22, 2010

Beauty and body parts 'gallow'

I used to be mesmerised why every time in any kind of magazine I happen to peruse , there are pictures of half naked to almost completely nude people showing off exquisite and beautiful body parts. Pick up any celebrity magazine and you will immediately see what I am talking about.

Let me tell you something funny. I have notice those occasions at my workplace ,when someone accidentally left a magazine say; "Women's day "or anything, lying on a desk. A lot of my workmates pretended not to notice it, but when someone actually started perusing the pages full of these beautiful pictures revealing downright gorgeous bodies and body parts.... , everyone was soon stealing glimpses.
All these people I thought to myself,.. put profound attention to those parts of their bodies that has the power to captivate, to attract or may I use more extreme words.. 'the power to enslave with passion!!'.
Okay , away from magazines,. just walking down a busy street on a sunny Saturday afternoon or during Friday evenings. You are likely to be greeted with a mayhem of provocative beautiful bodies up to 90% uncovered!!.

Its called "body parts gallow".

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Does size really matter?

Somebody told me a story that I find rather amusing. The story goes like this:

It so happened that women had to choose their male partners according to their male endowment. Now there were various sizes, length and thickness to choose from. In one particular incidence, there were two guys , the first guy's male endowment was eye-catching spanner shaped and thicker than a fully grown carrot!. The second guy's male endowment was looking like a twig!!.

The question is , "Which of the two is a better choice and why?".

Yes, body parts do differ , that's why when it comes to my "very best body part", there are so many amazing and eyebrow- raising answers.

If you were in the situation above would you have a choice?.

I would advice both guys to start looking at some of the services offered in uptown male clinics.........!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Power of Attraction at Work

I never forget the incident one to numerous when I happened to be walking along a very busy street or walkaway, when a figure of a woman struck the corners of my eyes.

The temptation to look back at her as I passed her was over-powering and irresistible, so I turned to steal a glimpse at her. What a gorgeous body structure she had!,..silkily skin, young and tender.The way she walked with her buttocks in rhythmic motion with the rest of her body made her more provocatively attractive.

What I thought was just a few seconds glimpse turned out to be several minutes

till the woman disappeared from sight (I later realised). I kept having a mental picture of her, .. those lips,.. the roving blue eyes, I mean she was immaculate from top to bottom.

What I don't really know is whether it was her beautiful skin or body parts that attracted me. Maybe it was just everything, or was it in my mind only?.

The only thing I can figure out, is that what ever it was,.. this is the power of attraction at work. Should I say its the power of the skin, of beauty, .. the tinkling of desire, ... of passion or is it the chemistry of attraction,.. of opposites.

What ever it was, I am lost for words.

Can this be the beauty of body parts?

One thing I have on my mind is not to cheat my wife!!!.

Monday, March 1, 2010


Whilst we are endowed with beautiful bodies from different body parts, does the different parts cause attraction between individuals?

Or maybe its just one part of the body that is sorely responsible for the affection and attraction experienced by people?
Or is it a number of body parts such as the lips, sticking nipples, flashing teeth, bottom configuration or the skin?.

It is true that some people are considered beautiful on the strength of the attraction of their body features whilst others are considered very provocatively attractive because of just one peculiar body part such as anything you can suggest.

If this is correct, then which is the most body part that is responsible for the attraction and affection that transcend races or colour?.

For a moment I figured out one by one all the beautiful parts of a human body and guess what, I got carried away by the skin once again. In the skin I see all the chemistry of attraction , of love, of infatuation, of passion and all the way to the energy-sapping madness of desire and the pheromone of intimacy!!.

I perceive the skin is at the helm of human attraction more so in these days of excellent products for skin regeneration and rejuvenation.

Many people seem to be getting younger and younger all the time as they grow older!, My word!!.
This is why I believe in the power of the skin. With the skin is also the power of love, attraction and affection.
But ,.. mark my words, there are other things apart from the skin that causes attraction. Have you heard the following sayings: " He is down-right awesome; She is damn gorgeous; My God she kills me!; I can't get away from him; I became thoroughly stupid once I felt her; As soon as I got touched, I lost the power to resist ... I surrendered!!, and many more.

As you can see, I am inclined to believe because of this, that other body parts are as charming as the skin. Maybe much more insidious than the skin.

Lets explore these in the next article

Saturday, February 20, 2010


When it comes to choosing the best body part it is not surprising to get an array of answers . This is for different reasons of course. These can be anything from hair, eyes , lips, ears, hands, thighs, boobs, buttocks, legs and all the way to delicate private curves(parts).

Reasons for these answers can be anything from: they are beautiful, gorgeous, soft & tender and succulent, attractive to jaw dropping answers like ; the powerful erection I get from my dick!. Whilst I was pondering over which part of my own body is the very best for me, someone came with what I initially thought was a an absurd suggestion. This person pointed out to me that the skin is actually the very best body part.

The reasons given for this answer rather amazed me, for I found out from this person that all the other body parts anyone can suggest, are covered by the skin
or at least attached to it. Secondly any body part without the skin will cease to reflect the reason someone considers it the very best body part. Therefore the skin itself is the very best body part. I was also reminded that without the skin on any part of the body or body part,.. the word"beauty" flies out of the window never to be recovered!!.

Whilst I was considering all this I suddenly remembered the old saying, "beauty is in the eyes of the beholder". I perceived that what is regarded as beauty or no beauty is actually the skin!, hence the skin is actually the very best part of the body ahead of the popular lips, tits, boobs or any other curvatures.
I am thoroughly mesmerised with this. I don't know what you think. You can post your arguments or corrections or any suggestions.Is the skin the very best body part?
Food for thought.